What is Genecoin?

A service to backup your DNA. We help you get your DNA sequenced, and then upload it into the Bitcoin network. This spreads your genetic material to thousands of computers all across the globe.

How does it work?

We send you a kit to collect a spit sample. It gets forwarded to a DNA sequencing provider that creates a data version of your genome. Finally, we store this genome in the Bitcoin blockchain.

Bitcoin can store data? What is a blockchain?

Most people think of Bitcoin as a currency, but this is only one use of its protocol & network. Bitcoin is really a networked ledger - a way to permanently store information on thousands of computers around the world. Every computer that mines for Bitcoins stores this ledger, which makes it an extremely robust way to backup data. We have a number of strategies for encoding your genome data as Bitcoin transactions.

Isn't a genome very large?

It can be, yes. We offer various levels of service. A human genome can contain up to 3gb of data if encoded inefficiently. We use 2 bits per base, which brings a full genome to ~750mb. Most users will only need to store the data that makes them unique from other humans & lifeforms, which brings the file size down drastically. We also offer various levels of sequencing depth depending on the interest of our users.

Can my data remain private?

Yes. You'll likely want your genome encrypted before uploading it into the Bitcoin network. Your identity and data can remain as private as you want. We don't even have to see it - you can encrypt it on your own computer, send us that data, and then we do all the hard work of uploading it into the Bitcoin network.

How do I retrieve and decrypt my genome after it gets stored in the Bitcoin network?

At launch, we'll provide you with software that can extract and decrypt your genome from the blockchain. We're also working to provide a number of exciting alternative strategies. Using decentralized Oracles, split keys/multigsig, decentralized programming languages like Ethereum, and other strategies, you'll be able to setup advanced algorithmic contracts that initiate transfer and decryption of your genome at a time or condition of your choosing.

Is Genecoin an "altcoin" cryptocurrency like Litecoin of Dogecoin?

At the moment, no. Genecoin uses the Bitcoin protocol as an abstracton layer. It is similar to Counterparty, Mastercoin, Bitshares.

What if another cryptocurrency replaces Bitcoin?

We're developing decentralized blockchain crawlers (DBC). They're programmed to search and discover new blockchain technology and embed your genetic material wherever possible. Think of them as your robot friends that encode your genetic material on new networks as they develop. Similar to the way that Google discovers new websites, we'll be able to jump from chain to chain. Our aim is to turn Genecoin into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that preserves your genetic material indefinitely. If other blockchains replace Bitcoin, our crawlers will make sure your genome propagates to the new chains.

Can my genome itself be traded as currency? I want my DNA to be the next Dogecoin!

Once you're in with Genecoin, we recommend that you use your genome as seed data to create your own altcoin. Services will soon let people create their own alternative cryptocurrencies with a single click of a mouse. Altcoins will function like apps or even just personal brands. In the near future, every person will have their own altcoin and small community using it. With Genecoin, your personal brand can become a mechanism for propagating your genetic material.

How can my personal cryptocurrency's popularity preserve my genome?

Step 1: Use Genecoin to backup your DNA in the most popular decentralized blockchain (currently: Bitcoin).
Step 2: Generate your own altcoin using your DNA's Bitcoin address as a seed.

This makes your altcoin a decentralized hyperlink back to your DNA. The more popular your altcoin, the higher you'll be ranked by blockchain crawlers. If you have a popular altcoin that acts as a hyperlink to your genome, then your DNA will be propagated far and wide. It's like search engine optimization meets genetic preservation.

Imagine if your website's rank on Google could determine how well your genetic material gets propagated. This is the future. Genecoin helps strengthen your network fitness by giving you a master backup of your genome, alongside a strategy for hyperlinking it to your own personal altcoin.

Of course you can encode your genome in your own altcoin as well, but for ultimate backup, you want it encoded in the most widely used blockchain (as of 2014, that is Bitcoin).

What is your goal?

We're helping humans transition into the era of all-data-everything and network fitness.
Plants evolved such that their seeds could stick to bird wings. As birds fly, they carry plant genetic material to uncharted foreign land. Similarly, our crawlers will spread your genetic material to foreign blockchains all across the globe. Genecoin is inventing new birds for the decentralized digital era.